Belong, Grow, Serve

What Los Gatos UMC believes!

Growing as Followers of Jesus Christ Who Live God’s Love in the World.

Our Promise:
Reaching out with God’s Love.

Our Vision:
We expect to be changed; to be a life changing force in the world.

  • We will actively invite and welcome all into Christian worship.
  • We will live in deep personal relationships through small group community.
  • We will make a difference by being fully immersed in serving others.


Our Values:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Family
  • Fellowship & Belonging
  • Integrity
  • Mission
  • Acceptance
  • Worship Experience
  • Prayer
  • Nurturing & Compassion
  • Open & Reconciling

Our Environmental Values
Here at LGUMC we believe that it is our responsibility to care for all of God’s creations.  That is why we have decided to Go Green at LGUMC
Going Green at LGUMC means more than just using renewable resources or recycling our waste, it means doing all that we can to protect and preserve God’s creations.

“We did not weave the web of life but are merely a strand in that web, what we do to that web we do to ourselves.”
~Wind Messengers
Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Responsibility