Our History



The LGUMC Story

Methodists became a part of the of Los Gatos community in 1866. Dr. Williams Morrow was the appointed preacher, with his primary profession as that of physician. At that time there was no church building and people gathered under a great oak tree that still stands today and serves as the centerpiece of our courtyard. In 1867, this gathering community built a small frame church, resting just next to our beautiful Oak.

Los Gatos Methodists were known throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s for their mission work, arts and music, senior citizen support, and programs for children and youth. Today, these values are alive and growing at Los Gatos United Methodist Church.

Our church promise, ‘Reaching Out with God’s Love,’ connects us with the Los Gatos community through our many ministries such as

Grace Preschool, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministries, Adult Ministries, Live Oak Senior Nutrition Center and Live Oak Adult Day Services.

We reach out with God’s love around the world as we build homes each year in Colonet, Mexico; Pascagoula, Mississippi; and Caconde, Brazil. However, you do not have to leave the Bay Area to participate in our Outreach Ministries, as we serve hot breakfasts each week to the homeless in downtown San Jose as well as raise money and awareness on the first Sunday of the month for the needy.

2005 LGUMC Goes Green!

A generous gift by LGUMC members, Mim and Eric Carlson, provided major impetus toward the Trustee’s goal of becoming more energy efficient and reducing the LGUMC impact of greenhouse gases on the environment.  That gift at the end of 2005 was used to install the solar panel array which went on line in July 2006 and produced 45% of our energy.  Since then, we have upgraded our lightening and thermostats to more energy efficient models.  We also purchase recycled products, host E-waste events, advocate environmental awareness and recycle our waste.

Caring for our Creation is a way of life here at LGUMC!