Sermon Series: February

February finishes our “tough questions” series as we move into Lent. Our focus will be on “The Way” everyone leads the life they were given, but maybe not the life they chose. Come to worship to help discern the gifts and signs along the way. Personal witnesses and testimonies will be part of this journey series.

February 7  – Holy Communion – start preparing for Lent as we celebrate Communion through Shrove Tuesday style bread.

February 14 – The Wandering Way Jesus in the Wilderness – We will consider times when we have been lost and found.

February 21 – The Way Around Bypass – At times when we are walking down the road, we have to take a detour.

February 28  – The Highway (Isaiah 55:19) – Where have you been given or received hospitality? 



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** July 5, 2015 On the Green Service **

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