Sermon Series: January 18-February 15

The Jesus Priorities

We long to know God; to live in deep connection to God and to feel the “aliveness” that comes from that connection.  But, how can we “know” God? Some things are about the divine are simply mystery, to be pondered and cherished.  But, much can be learned through the life and teachings of Jesus. What did Jesus say and do consistently and repeatedly throughout his life? What were the habits of heart, mind and action that made him who he was and directed his life?  Following the book, The Jesus Priorities, by Christopher Maricle, we’ll examine some of the 8 priorities that shaped Jesus’ life:  prayer, seeking God’s will, healing, love, spreading the word, building up treasure in heaven, accepting children as precious, and living with humility.  (Books will be available at the Welcome Table on January 11)

JANUARY 18: Heal

JANUARY 25: Live with Humility

FEBRUARY 1: Accept Children as Precious

FEBRUARY 8: Build up Treasure in Heaven

FEBRUARY 15: Spread the Word



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