Advent & Christmas


Advent Worship Series

The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem

We’ll journey with Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, the shepherds and the wise ones to understand more about the history and geography of Jesus’ birth story.  Along the way, we’ll explore how this can inspire and inform questions about our own faith journeys.  As a community, we’ll deepen our understanding of the context of Jesus’ birth, while we deepen our quest for new life in Christ.

November 29 – Mary of Nazareth: Willingness  10 AM One Worship Service

Mary’s willingness to set out on an adventure with God birthed Christ in our midst.  Are we willing to allow God’s spirit to break into our lives and lead us on new journeys?

December 6 – Joseph of Bethlehem: Mercy

When Joseph learned his fiancé was pregnant, he could have dismissed her without further thought.  Instead, he chose mercy and hospitality to Mary and God’s plan.  How are we to show mercy and hospitality along the journey of life?

December 13 – Elizabeth in Judea: Encouragement 9:15 Choral Cantata and liturgical dance at 9:15 & 11

In the first trimester of her pregnancy, Mary journeys to meet her very pregnant relative, Elizabeth.  Finally, she can share the secret of the child she is carrying.  Elizabeth responds with joy, which inspires Mary with hope for all that lies ahead.  Who has been our encouragement?  How can we encourage and support others into abundant life and faith?

December 20 – From Nazareth to Bethlehem: Perseverance

Mary and Joseph never expected to undertake the difficult 10-day journey to Bethlehem so late in her pregnancy.  It was not a journey they chose, yet God was with them as shelter and guide.  We all undertake journeys that we do not necessarily want to be on. Can we trust in God’s purpose and find hope and strength along the way?

Christmas Eve  – December 24

5:00 PM Children’s Service

7:00 PM Contemporary

9:00 PM Traditional