Biblical Garden

LGUMC Biblical Garden |


Over 100 different trees, plants, and flowers are mentioned throughout the Bible, and many of them are featured in the recently dedicated LGUMC Biblical Garden. Strolling along the recently completed pathway connecting the Church Street entrance and Ray’s Garden, visitors will find stakes that identify each plant with the Biblical reference.

The conversion of our front lawn to a Biblical Garden was supported and funded by a number of sources including a rebate program offered by the Santa Clara Water District, generous financial donations of our members, and the TLC planting provided by our “green thumb” volunteers!

All of our Biblical trees, plants, and flowers are drought tolerant, and will help us to significantly reduce our water usage while at the same time beautifying our grounds.

Each season will delight: flowering bulbs, including Narcissus, Crocus, Hyacinths, Iris, Anemone, and Daffodils will announce the arrival of spring. Summer will feature the flowers of Crepe Myrtle, Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus, Daisies, Mallow, Rockrose, Salvia, and Jerusalem Sage. Fall will feature Chrysanthemums and the Burning Bush.

Come and enjoy a stroll through our garden anytime of the year! No admission charge, handicapped accessible. Location: 111 Church St. Los Gatos, California 95030