Messy Church


What is Messy Church?

We want to invite people in our area who don’t belong to a church. It is for everyone. It is also a ministry for people of all ages who don’t like getting up early on Sunday mornings, or don’t like sitting in pews for an hour. 

Messy Church meets every fourth Sunday of each month.

The first hour is packed with creative activities based around a story from the Bible.  

Then, we will have about 15 minutes of “celebration” (aka worship), which will be interactive and short. We will sing praises with hand motions and share a short Bible message. People will have a chance to pray and light candles for friends and family who need prayers. 

The evening will end with a family-style meal. 

Please contact if you would like to volunteer with the Messy Church Team.


Upcoming Messy Church Dates:

Sunday, April 28, 11am