Our Mission

LGUMC is a multi-generational, reconciling Christian community with a mission “to grow as followers of Jesus Christ who live God’s Love in the world.”  We are a diverse community made up of 570 members, over 1,000 friends, and an average of 245 people in worship each Sunday.  We don’t look alike, think alike, or believe that we should, but we are united in our love for God and our desire to make a difference in the world through the Spirit of Christ’s Love.

We believe that following Christ is a life-long journey of discovery that invites us to BELONG through worship, GROW in Christ, and SERVE with love.

BELONG:  LGUMC is a community experience where all are welcome.  Human beings are made for connection.  We become most deeply and fully alive when we are actively engaged with God, one another, and our own best selves. LGUMC  invites you to belong through inspiring worship, fellowship events, and small group experiences.

GROW:  Spiritual growth is one of our core values at LGUMC.   Our community offers multiple long and short-term small group experiences for you to grow in both understanding and experience of Christian love and faith. Whether it is an extended Bible Study, a meditation experience, support group, or one-time class on a  timely social concern, we offer a variety of ways to explore faith, connect with others, and grow in Christ.

SERVE:  The essence of Christ’s ministry was an all-embracing, outreaching love that healed the world.  That’s why church is more than what happens on Sunday mornings; it’s also who we are and what we do in the world each day. LGUMC invites you to find your God-given gifts and use them to serve others and make a difference in the world.

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey of faith, LGUMC  invites you to belong, grow and serve in the Spirit of Christ’s Love!