11:00 am Open House Worship

 Led by Contemporary Music Director Kevin McCullough



and the Praise Band


“Everyone prays in their own way.” – inspired from a Duke Ellington quote.

The 11:00 Open House Praise Band, led by Kevin McCullough, performed a Jazz service on November 2, 2014 inspired by jazz and improvisation as a way of spiritual expression, expression of emotions and thoughts, dreams, desires, fear, hope, love, hate, and an expression of freedom, and tieing that in historically, being the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement – looking back to then and comparing it to now.

BELONG – You Were Formed For God’s Family!

At LGUMC,  we believe that the goal of our faith is to make every life an act of worship.  We worship God through our gratitude, our attentiveness, our self-giving, and daily acts of kindness, mercy and justice.  But, it all begins by setting aside time to gather as a community formed by the Spirit of Christ.  We gather to pray, praise, give thanks and grow in our relationship to God.  Worship services connect us to God and the longings of our hearts.  They unite us as a community of faith and send us forth to be God’s people.

If you feel most connected to God in a casual environment that offers upbeat contemporary music, community prayer, visual arts, and a message centered on the Word, you will be at home at Open House. Open House worship is a multi-generational contemporary service for teens, young adults, adults and families with children. The music includes the latest praise and worship songs, contemporary versions of traditional hymns, and popular music with spiritual themes.  Our excellent praise team leads worship with a band of drums, guitars, bass, keyboard and amazing vocals.  If you are looking for a place to come as you are and become all that you were meant to be, Open House is the place to be.

What are  people saying about the LGUMC Open House Worship Experience?

Open House is “a fun-loving environment where I can be myself, have fun and express myself through music, dancing and laughing, and at the same time be worshipping and connecting with God.”
~ From a teen who worships at Open House

“The 11AM service is amazing! I feel deeply connected and accepted no matter if my hair is dyed or I’m dressed in a shirt and tie. LGUMC is a church where all are accepted, and that helps me grow deeper into my faith everyday. LGUMC rawks!”
~ From a worshipping young adult