Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministry

Reaching out to live God’s Love in the World

At LGUMC we are united in our love for God and our desire to make a difference in the world through the Spirit of Christ’s Love. We believe that following Christ is a life-long journey of discovery that invites us to BELONG through worship, GROW in Christ, and SERVE with love. LGUMC’s Outreach Ministry invites you to find your God-given gifts and use them to SERVE others and make a difference in the world.

The success of our ministry rests on active participation and support of all our church community – from pre-school through centenarians. We offer weekly, monthly and annual opportunities to share our blessings:

Outreach Projects

Every Sunday

Second Harvest food bins are in the Narthex awaiting donations of food to help our local neighbors who are in need.

First Saturday of the Month:

San Jose Family Shelter: LGUMC prepares and serves breakfast for the families living at the shelter on the first Saturday of each month.  Additional breakfasts and dinners are also served during the year. Main Contact: Amy and Chris Munson

First Sunday Of The Month:

Homeless Breakfast Offering:  Hunger Challenge bags follow the regular offering plate: please share your loose change to help support our Homeless Breakfast program.

Fair-Trade Sales:  We sell fair-traded coffee, tea, and chocolates at reasonable prices to support independent farmers who use earth-friendly, sustainable techniques.

Second Tuesday Of The Month:

7pm in the Church Library, the Outreach Committee meets to plan and execute our ministry. We can always use the support of new members with ideas for new projects. Main Contact: Laurie Jones

February: Celebrate the “brief” month

Briefs, boxers, bikinis, and any style, including diapers and training pants, are collected during February and sent to the residents of the San Jose Family Shelter. Main Contact: Sally Raab

March/April: Luggage Drive for Santa Clara County Foster Children

The Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) provides resources and advocates for the needs of kinship, adoptive and foster families in Santa Clara County. LGUMC gathers rolling backpacks, rolling duffle bags and rolling carry-on bags to help children respectfully move items received at the KAFPAs Clothing Closet. This is important as items received through the Closet to with the child if/when they leave the KAFPA adults care. Main Contact:  Ursula Young

May: UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Kits

We package congregational donated items for UMCOR’s disaster relief warehouse. LGUMC has collected packaged and shipped heath kits, birthing kits and layette kits. Main Contact: Ruth Oveland

Summer: Rotating Men’s Shelter

Volunteers cook and deliver four-course meals to sixteen homeless mean who are temporarily housed and assisted with job and housing referrals. We do this for a week in June and August. Main Contact: Lani Ballard

July/August: School Uniform Drive:  Students attending McKinley Elementary, a school located in a low-income district of San Jose, are required to follow a dress code in order to avoid potential gang-color conflicts.  Donations (Cash or Check) of any amount will help low-income students to purchase appropriate clothing, and basic classroom supplies. Main Contact:  Lani Ballard

October: Jackets and Jack-o-lanterns Coat Drive

Partnering with Grace Preschool, we collect laundered warm outerwear for those in need. Preschool sized items are donated to Chandler Tripp Head-start Preschool near San Jose Medical Center. Larger items are donated to the San Jose Family Shelter. New are preferred, but laundered gently used items are also welcome. Main Contact: Laurie Jones

Christmas Projects:

Children’s Gift Tree:  In preparation for Christmas, a “gift tree” is decorated with names of children from low-income families.  Member selects a tree decoration with the child’s name, age, and his/her interests; the member returns the tag attached to the wrapped gift in a week or two and places it under the gift tree. Main Contact:  Carol Crow & Aki Okuno

Christmas Gift Faire – First Sunday in December:  Over twenty non-profit programs set up exhibits that explain the work that they do.  Donations (cash or check)to any of the groups can serve as a welcome alternative gift for someone who already has everything, or as a stocking stuffer, and as gifts that can remind us of real meaning of Christmas.  Each donation comes with a gift card and an explanation of the program that the donor has selected. Main Contacts:  Jean Mundell