Upcoming Worship Series: SAD: Spiritual Affective Disorder

The Season after Christmas is often called Epiphany; a time to notice and follow the Light of Christ into a New Year. And yes, winter can also be a time of Seasonal Affective Disorder when the lack of light affects our moods and ability to cope effectively. Spiritual Affective Disorder can also impact us, as our busy, overcommitted lives leave little room for spiritual connection. At the turn of this New Year, we will explore how everyday life activities can become meaningful spiritual practices that deepen our connection to the Light of God, others and our true selves.

Join us in January and February, as we explore how music, laughter, kindness, movement, nature and eating can deepen our experience of life and make us more “light-hearted.” Each week will offer suggestions for spiritual practices you can incorporate into your daily life and opportunities to “practice” right here at church.




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