Upcoming Worship Series at LGUMC: SET FREE

Easter is not an event to see, but a new way of seeing.  It is not just a Sunday, but a new way of living with freedom and hope.  Because of God’s resurrecting power, we can leave sadness and death behind and move toward a future of new possibilities.   In our Easter Worship series, we will claim our God-given power to move forward, to sing, to follow, to rise again, to love, to heal, to see, to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

May 5

Freedom to Follow (Acts 9: 1-6.  Holy Communion at 9:15 and 11

May 12

Freedom to Rise Again (Acts 9: 36-43). Mother’s Day Celebration

May 19

Freedom to Love (John 13: 31-35 ). New Members Joining at 9:15 and 11

May 26

Freedom to Heal (John 5: 1-6)

June 2

Freedom to See (Acts 1: 1-11 and Ephesians 1: 15-23). Holy Communion at 9:15 and 11

June 9

Freedom to be filled with Spirit (Acts 2: 1-21). Pentecost Celebration at 9:15 and 11. Choir Sunday at 9:15



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