Exactly who and what is Flat John Wesley?  Originally derived from Flat Stanley who travels around the world as a flat cutout, in celebration of our 150th anniversary as a church, we have Flat John Wesley, who was the founding father of the Methodist movement during the 1700s. We want to know how many places LGUMC can go in 2016!

We encourage you to pick a laminated Flat John Wesley in the narthex (or download from below) to bring with you on your travels. It does not matter if you are going around the world or down the street; we want to see our church members in the world. Please take a picture with Flat John Wesley when you take him somewhere. Write your name, date and location on the back. If you would like to post to social media please do see with the following tags – Facebook – Los Gatos United Methodist Church, Twitter – @LosGatosUMC , Instagram #LGUMC150. You may also send pictures to Pastor Anthony at or and they will add it to a large bulletin display in the Fellowship Hall.

Click on the Flat John Wesley pictures to see where and who he’s been traveling with.


(download me)

Flat John Wesley