Punta Colonet, Mexico


LGUMC’s mission trips to Punta Colonet, Mexico have captured the spirits & the hearts of our mission volunteers for almost 20 years. “Colonet”, as it has become known here, has a multitude of different meanings for participants from youthful to college age to mature, LGUMC members and our friends, Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers, male and female, experienced missioners and first-timers, tools-comfortable to all-thumbs and construction site novices. For each participant, the Colonet mission trip is memorable for very personal reasons. Team participation forges bonds that linger between and among team members and between VIM participants and the residents of Colonet.

We are currently trying to raise $10,000 in order to make this year’s VIM trip successful. Every little bit helps. 

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The 2014 VIM team with a completed home and water tower.

The 2014 VIM team with a completed home and water tower.

2016 Colonet video


Who can participate?

What started as an adult mission trip has become a family oriented trip.  Families are encouraged to experience this trip together.

When is the trip?

We organize VIM trips to Colonet beginning in the fall for travel in springtime annually. Everybody
should consider participation in this eye-opening and highly rewarding mission. Each participant has
something important and unique to contribute. Participation can include travel with the team or
financial, logistical, materials, and moral/prayer support. Keep your eyes open for organizational
meetings in September and October annually as our VIM teams form and plan their activities for the
springtime mission trips.


Contact Pete Taylor, lgumctech@yahoo.com