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Los Gatos UMC Youth Ministry is a safe place where young people can connect with God and with one another.  Through study, service, and fellowship, we seek to build deep, life-giving relationships and strive to find how God is making Godself known in the world around us.  We serve students in Jr. High (grades 6-8) and Sr. High (grades 9-12).

Youth Speak at 

Los Gatos


 **Youth April Calendar **


1st: – Confirmation Class

“Blueprint for Discipleship”

5pm to 7pm @ Student Center

7th-14th: – Colonet Mission Trip

8th: Youth Group

“A Christian after Easter”

5pm to 7pm @ Student Center

15th: Echo Class

9:15am to 10:15am @ Cafe Hope

Confirmation Class

“Do No Harm. Do all the Good you can.”

5pm to 7pm @ Student Center

21st: Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Project

8am to 4:30pm

22nd: Youth Group

“A Christian’s response social issues”

5pm to 7pm @ Student Center

29th: Echo Class

9:15am to 10:15am @ Cafe Hope

Confirmation Class

“Practice Christian Disciplines”

5pm to 7pm @ Student Center


 **What’s Happening **

Confirmation/Baptism Classes: 

Youth participating in confirmation and baptism classes meet on various Sunday nights for dinner and to learn about practicing Wesleyan Christianity. Youth participation in Confirmation and Baptism classes will take part in a special confirmation/baptism service on Sunday, May 20th.

Colonet Mission Trip:

More than 30 youth and youth adults form Los Gatos UMC will descend on Colonet, Mexico during the week of April 7th-14th to build homes and install Lighting for Literacy kits. Please pray for this team in their travels, work, and sharing of God with one another.

Echo Classes:

High School youth gather in the Youth Cafe every other Sunday to engage in a story form our early faith and find ways in which it impacts our lives today.

Robbie out-of-office

Robbie Frederiksen will be on mission leave to Colonet, Mexico from April 8th-14th. All programs will continue to meet as scheduled.


Sierra Service Project (high school):

Location: Spokane, Washington

Dates: Saturday, July 21st – Sunday, July 29th

Leaders: Robbie Frederiksen and _________, __________

Activities: Overnight stay in Portland, Oregon on the way up.

Spots Available: 12

Cost: $365 (scholarships available)


  • Leaving the 8th grade through leaving 12th grade
  • Regular participation in monthly preparation gathering (**see below)
  • Regular participation in SSP Fundraisers

** This year our team will get together once a month on the 4th Sunday of the month during our regular youth group gathering. Leaders of the trip will lead these sessions to prepare our team for the amazing trip happing in July.



Parents and youth gather to build lighting kits in hone of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Recently some of the LGUMC youth gathered and assembled 10 flood relief buckets that will eventually be sent to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) with a collection of these buckets from across the conference.



A recent youth project: Sidewalk Tiny Home Build.

Seven youth recently gathered to begin construction on a tiny home that can fit on a city sidewalk that will one day be gifted to someone who is experiencing homelessness. The next step will be to build the base/floor of the home and the next step is to frame the walls.






Los Gatos United Methodist Youth Group – Sierra Service Project 2017 from Los Gatos UMC on Vimeo.



Please contact Youth Director Robbie Frederiksen for more information about how to get involved this summer or about what to look forward to in the fall, 

Robbie Frederiksen

LGUMC Youth Pastor


111 Church St. Los Gatos, Ca 95030


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