We are a multi-generational, reconciling Christian community with a mission “to grow as followers of Jesus Christ who live God’s Love in the world.” We believe that following Christ is a life-long journey of discovery that invites us to BELONG through worship, GROW in Christ, and SERVE with love.



LGUMC’s Christmas Faire – Begin your Christmas shopping with the true spirit of Christmas on December 2, after our worship service, with our annual Christmas Gift Faire. Go to the Christmas Faire page for groups and a downloadable order form.


September & October Sermon Series: Outside My Own Little World

Is the world becoming bigger or smaller?  Maybe it is a matter of perspective.  Maybe it depends on who you ask.   The world is more connected, but we still get caught up in the daily routines of life.  The world is more connected, but we still tend to see things from a personal point of view.  Caught up in “our own little worlds,” we end up wanting more…more peace, more joy, more purpose, more love. 

What if church could be the place where we discover more?  More God, more grace, more of who were meant to be and more of the world we want to create.  In this series, we will remember why we are the church; why we gather in Jesus’ name to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.  We will focus not just on maintaining “the church,” but why it is that church exists at all.  We will reaffirm our purpose in this world and the power we have when our individual passions, energies and skills come together for God.  We were made for more.


Interested in Messy Church ?? Our next one is on Sunday,  October 21 starting at 4:00 in the Student Center. You can find out all the details and more on our Messy Church page