We are a multi-generational, reconciling Christian community with a mission “to grow as followers of Jesus Christ who live God’s Love in the world.” We believe that following Christ is a life-long journey of discovery that invites us to BELONG through worship, GROW in Christ, and SERVE with love.




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LGUMC’s Senior Pastor Jennifer Murdoch’s response to the latest news from the general conference.

An Open Letter to Our Community:

On February 26, 864 delegates from around the world met for a Special Conference to vote on policies regarding the inclusion of LGBTQ persons into the life of the United Methodist Church.  The plan those delegates adopted maintains existing language within our Book of Discipline that labels same-sex relationships as “incompatible with Christian teaching,” restricts ordination to heterosexual persons and prohibits same-sex marriages.  It also establishes strict penalties against clergy who violate those prohibitions.  It is clear from this vote that 53% of the delegates gathered took a perspective on human sexuality and the sacred worth of all humanity that this congregation does not share. 

The people of Los Gatos United Methodist Church want you to know that all people are welcomed and invited to be a part of this community of faith. LGUMC remains committed to being in affirmative ministry with ALL people.  Our reconciling statement is as true today as it was yesterday:  LGUMC welcomes all persons as Christ did regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, physical or mental health, family status or financial circumstances. We believe that all persons are recipients of God’s grace, that discrimination has no place in the church and that followers of Jesus Christ must move beyond judgement to love.  We welcome ALL into full participation in the life of our congregation and invite anyone wishing to celebrate their marriage in the Spirit of Christ’s love to do so in our church facility. All persons are created by God, in the image of God, and have the God-given right to express their love in committed, life-affirming relationships. 

We seek to know God and grow in love for God and neighbors through scripture, reason, tradition and experience. These four guidelines for faith are known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, named after John Wesley who founded the Methodist movement.  The quadrilateral not only allows for diversity of opinion and thought, it embraces theological diversity as essential to spiritual growth and our religious tradition.  We hold scripture as an authoritative witness to the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ, but will never mandate a singular, literal, non-contextual reading of scripture.  


Most of all, we pray for forgiveness for the harm done to so many by our church.  When the church acts in ways that are unloving and ungracious, we do irreparable harm to the individuals being excluded and to the Body of Christ itself.   We pray for healing for all our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, for all whose way of understanding God has been labeled “unnecessary” by the United Methodist Church, and for those who will never know the love of God in Jesus Christ because our witness to it is so very poor. 

United Methodist pastors all over the Western Jurisdiction of the US join with our church in our conviction that all human beings are of sacred worth. “We believe in one church for all.  This is where we stand, we are not moving, we are not leaving, and we are not changing.” 

With Love,   Pastor Jenn


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